Optimal fuel for home fireplaces, boilers and stoves

Modern fuel briquettes are made out of pressed walnut shells. Chemical bonding agents are not used during the process of their production, therefore, during combustion, only natural and natural elements get into atmosphere. The raw material used in the production of fuel briquettes can be various wood and agriculture waste, but it is the shell of walnut that is in particular the most suitable and optimal material.

Unique characteristics of briquettes used as fuel material

Quality briquettes from the walnut shell - this is a real find for those who value comfort and convenience. They have a lot of advantages, in comparison with the common fuel materials. Such briquettes are produced and sold in Moldova. They take up little space, have excellent heat transfer, keep your hands and surfaces clean, resulting in the combustion of a minimal amount of soot and other contaminants.

Equipment for the production of briquettes made from the walnut shell

Briquettes made from walnut shells are environmentally friendly material, suitable for kindling fireplaces, barbecues, grills, ovens, various types of furnaces and boilers. Due to the fact that the manufacture of briquettes is carried out in accordance with innovative technologies, they do not form dust and do stain your hands. Pressed fuel has a pleasant woody smell and provides a long burning.

Advantages of briquettes made from the walnut shell

Planning a holiday in Moldova or a business trip, and wanting to get maximum comfort, pleasure from the trip, you need to find out not only about the weather forecast for a week and whether you need to take an umbrella or warm clothes, but also to worry about how your temporary shelter is heated. All solid hotels in Chisinau switched to walnut shell briquettes for heating.

Economical and ecological compatibility of nutshell briquettes

The kindling of fireplaces, barbecues, various stoves and boilers is now quite simple, not troublesome, fast and absolutely clean. For such tasks, there are walnut shell fuel briquettes.

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